Karoo Energy (NEX:KEP) is an NEX Growth Market company focused on the exploration and development of unconventional gas, shale gas and coal bed methane deposits

About us

The Group currently has full ownership of four shale gas licences (one of which is currently subject to renewal) and two coal bed methane licences in Botswana.

Our strategy is centered around the development of its potential shale gas and CBM prospective resource in Botswana where there is a growing desire for incremental local gas supplies to supply potential modular and scalable gas powered generators.

These mobile generators are already in use throughout Africa, as an alternative to the existing inefficient coal-fired power stations, expensive diesel-powered generators, and the import of electricity from neighbouring Southern African countries.

Karoo Energy Licence Map

Botswana is a significant net importer of electricity and with demand for electricity estimated by the Botswana Power Corporation to grow by 3-5 per cent. per year over the next decade, and existing infrastructure running below capacity, this domestic supply-domestic demand gap is only expected to grow, thereby providing the Group with a significant opportunity.