Karoo Energy Plc is involved in the exploration, development and production of unconventional gas, shale gas and coal bed methane deposits

Our Strategy

We adopted a strategy when applying for licences to keep our work programmes at a minimum cost so that our minimum work obligations would be relatively easy to finance.

The Group’s operational strategy however is substantially different and the Group expects, subject to the raising of additional funding and/or entering into farm-out arrangements with potential partners, to undertake significantly more work on certain of its licences within the relevant licence periods to speed up the process and take the Group to the production stage sooner than as envisioned in the licence work programmes.

This additional work will involve the collection of 2D and 3D seismic data over selected areas of certain of the Group’s licences and may be subject to entering into farm-out arrangements and/or raising additional funds above those required for the basic work programme obligations for each licence.

Licence areas of PL159/2015 and PL160/2015 are both significantly smaller than EL001/2012, EL161/2015, EL171/2015 and EL162/2015. The Group is required to meet minimum exploration activity requirements with work programmes dictated under the terms of the licences.

We intend on monetising potential shale gas and CBM resources through the development of mobile gas-to-power solutions. These power solutions are modular and scalable and are already in operation throughout a number of African countries.