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Appointment of Director to Equatorial Oil & Gas plc

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Appointment of Director to Equatorial Oil &...

11 September 2013 NODDING DONKEY PLC ("Nodding Donkey" or the "Company") Appointment of Director to Equatorial Oil & Gas plc Nodding Donkey is pleased to announce the appointment of Mr Seteng Motalaote to the board of its 86.95% owned subsidiary, Equatorial Oil & Gas plc ("Equatorial"). Mr Motalaote is a respected member of the community in Botswana, where Equatorial's operations are based, and he brings extensive knowledge and experience of the local requirements, procedures, and institutions that will assist the Company's development. Mr Motalaote holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Science and Biology from the University of Botswana, a Master of Science in Ecology, with a focus on toxicology, and a Minor in Environmental Economics. Additionally he holds an International Business Management certificate from his studies in Sweden that has equipped him with the knowledge and skill set to understand and manage business at an international level. During his career he has acquired both public and private industry experience, including working for the Botswana government in the Ministry of Minerals, Energy, and Water Resources, focusing on energy issues related to coal. Mr Motalaote has also worked for the Ministry of Environment, working on various research projects, and he has also served on the Botswana National Environmental Impact Assessment Committee. His career has also seen him work as an Academic Director for the School of International Training (Headquartered in Vermont, USA), where he lectured and directed research projects. Mr Motalaote has consulted for Debswana Diamond Company, the largest diamond company in the world, where he developed Environmental Management Systems. He has also served on a number of boards of businesses he has founded and established, as well as those of mining companies, along with serving on the United Nations' global economic initiatives. NOEL LYONS, CEO, EQUATORIAL OIL & GAS PLC, COMMENTED: "We are delighted to welcome Mr Seteng Motalaote to the board of Equatorial. We have made strong progress in Botswana since commencing operations there at the start of 2013, and we believe that progress can only be strengthened through the appointment of a local citizen held in such high esteem as Mr Motalaote." The Directors of Nodding Donkey accept responsibility for the content of this announcement. ENQUIRIES: Company Nodding Donkey plc Conrad Windham Telephone: 020 3130 0674 Corporate Adviser Peterhouse Corporate Finance Limited Guy Miller / Mark Anwyl Telephone: 020 7220 9796