Details of our issued share capital, and the identities of our significant and Director shareholdings


The Company was incorporated and registered in England and Wales on 13 April 2011 under the Companies Act 2006.

Issued Share Capital

As at 1st June 2017, the issued share capital of the Company is 203,734,975 ordinary shares of 0.25p.

The directors are interested in a total of 8,194,212 (4.02%) ordinary shares, resulting in 195,540,763 (95.98%) ordinary shares being in public hands.

Significant Shareholders (over 3%)

Name Shares Controlled % Holding
JIM Nominees Limited 144,828,146 71.09%
Conrad Windham 8,212,712 4.03%

Director Shareholdings

Name Shares Controlled % Holding
Noel Lyons
(7,250,348 shares held in nominee account)
8,194,212 4.02%

Share Options in Issue

Name Options Granted Over Ordinary Shares Exercise Price Per Share Expiry
Noel Lyons 10,000,000 1p 31 December 2021
Allen Zimbler 1,250,000 4p 31 December 2021
James Negaard 1,250,000 4p 31 December 2021
Alan Golding 1,250,000 4p 31 December 2021