Karoo Energy Plc operates in a social, economical and environmentally sustainable manner

Corporate Social Responsibility

Given the company’s assets require exploration work to be done the company has adopted a very cautious approach to all field work required. Our primary responsibility as we work is to the environment.

To this end we have engaged a dedicated  team of environmental engineers to work closely with us and monitor our drilling process etc so that we fulfil all the requirements of working safely and sustainably respecting the environment, the wildlife and the people.

Currently the only energy generated in Botswana is from a burning coal power plant and we aim to become the first company to produce electricity from gas fired power plants. Gas is accepted to be a far cleaner and environmentally friendly source of energy than coal.

The company has a very good relationship with all its stakeholders and endeavours to develop those relationships in a transparent and positive way always bearing in mind the impact of what we do on the local people and environment and taking whatever measures necessary to enhance the position of all stakeholders.